Fast CSS Commenting with this Notepad++ Macro

Whenever I’m editing CSS and need to comment out sections, I always find myself fumbling over the / and * keys, making commenting out a time-taking and frustrating procedure.

To make life easier, I created a simple macro which turns [ctrl + 8] and [ctrl + shift + 8] into opening and closing comments. This dramatically reduces time and frustration in CSS. See the animation below for a quick example of how to do it:

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3 thoughts on “Fast CSS Commenting with this Notepad++ Macro”

  1. Notepad++ has this function by default. (Perhaps it didn’t when this was written, but thought I’d point it out.)

    Ctrl + K


    1. Thanks! I didn’t know that. Actually I’ve completely moved on to Sublime Text 2.

      Even though I now know this command is functionally useless, I’ll leave it up as it demonstrates how to create a macro in general.

      Thanks again for the tip!

  2. Old reply but it might still be useful for people.

    Using the shortcut Ctrl+Q toggles comments, very handy for quickly adding or removing comments.

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