Free space on your Windows hard drive by finding your largest files and folders

Any Windows user with a small hard drive or large demand for file space is going to face this problem at some point. If your C drive is starting to look full, here is a great tool for finding those godzilla files and backing them up.

The way to manage this problem is with a free utility called Treesize Free by Jam Software.

This awesome little application will scan your disc drives and give you a hierarchical view of which directories consume the most hard drive space. This way you can get a visual look at where you need to reduce space, and will help you locate any ballooning config files, remaining files from old programs, music directories you forgot about, or any other large files/folders on your windows computer.

Treesize Free:

most of my disc space is consumed by program files
looks like I need to delete some Steam games!

So that’s it really. Now it’s really easy to see how I can make the largest impact on my disc space in the least amount of time. This certainly beats checking file sizes by digging through every file and folder.

If you need any more information about this, feel free to contact me!

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