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Mophie Powerstation Pro Review

I’m a web guy and reviewing products is not really what I do, but I was able to get my hands on a mophie Powerstation Pro before its release, so I’ve had some time to get acquainted with the device and thought I should share my opinion. Here are a few reasons why I own two of these and always keep them in my bag:

Lots of Extra Power

One of these batteries has enough juice to charge my iPad once, or my iPhone multiple times. On a couple of road trips I was in a car that didn’t have a stereo, so I brought this along with some portable USB speakers. The speakers played for six hours powered by the Powerstation and only used a tiny fraction of their juice.

By keeping one of these charged at home, I never have to worry about finding an outlet or tethering any mobile device on a short cord to a wall. I can always charge wherever I want to be. I know that sounds trivial but once you have the ability to sit on your couch and charge your iPhone while you play Samurai vs Zombies you really how great portability really is.

Stays Charged

A really nice quality of these batteries is that once they are charged, they stay full for weeks without losing power. I had another similar battery in the past would dramatically lose power after a day or two. It’s great to be able to charge one battery and keep it in a drawer or bag until its really needed.

Looks/Feels Cool

The Powerstation Pro is a gadget I love to show off just for the coolness factor. It looks sleek and modern. It’s rubbery grip feels nice to hold, and the metal rivets around the edge give it a very tough look. I might be bold in saying this is a guy product, but it certainly has a masculine toughness to its design.

Very Durable

Aside from looking tough, this battery holds up to its image. I’ve dropped this thing in the dirt and treated it with zero care, and it seems completely unaffected. I’m not brave enough to test its limit, but if you go to mophie’s website I think they have some durability examples.

Easy to Use

If you have any other mophie products or anything that uses micro-USB to charge, this is a great match up simply for the cable they share. The older Powerstation used an odd female USB cable to charge, but this has a simple micro USB input. That means you can charge the battery wit the same cable you charge your mophie juice pace or other micro USB device with.


This battery is not the slimmest. Mophie has some very slim batteries in its line up, and this is not one of them. That said, with the amount of power this thing carries, it feels very small. It’s more than worth keeping this thing in my back for the amount of power it can supply.


At $129, this is not the cheapest battery. However, this price is well worth the quality of the mophie Powerstation Pro, as cheaper options on the market may not be able to hold a charge as long or might break easily, which for me is worth the extra couple bucks.