Wassup WordPress Analytics Plugin

WordPress plugin: Wassup.

I feel super dumb saying the title of this plugin, because it sounds so silly, but it’s definitely worth a recommendation and something you should have in your WordPress dashboard. The main reason you’ll be saying “Wassup” to any of your WordPress buddies (har har) is that this plugin gives you great data about how you’re coming up in search engines.

wassup wordpress plugin screen shot
The plugin gives a very close look at the individuals who visit your site, vs Google Analytics which gives a much broader look at trends and demographic information. I’m sure that some way or another you could get this information from Google Analytics, but its really nice to have such a close look at how your SEO work is coming along right from the heart of your WordPress site.

Just some of the Wassup features you should know about:

  • Allows you to filter by or exclude traffic from search engine spiders in your data
  • Allows you to filter spam traffic from the results
  • Graphs data for various time measurements, from one hour to all time
  • Gives a top ten list of your incoming traffic’s top search query, top referrer, top request, top browser, and top OS
  • Enables a graph of recent traffic directly on your dashboard
  • Has a widget which allows you to post traffic information in any widgetized area of your site (sidebar, footer, etc.)
  • It’s free! (download it here)

Have questions about this plugin or WordPress? Feel free to contact me or follow me on twitter: @nickolusweb.


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